A Japanese digital fine artist. Born in 1968, he has created artworks relating to the universe including CG animation pictures, digital prints, posters, illustrations for astronomical books and magazines.
The main themes of his work are the universe, the blue planet, and humankind as a part of the universe --- their dreams and yearnings. His artistry and scientific accuracy enable him to embody the beauty that integrates all the elements of the universe.

The seashore here is very calm with only quiet sound of waves in the ocean. The ruins of the Gate lies in peace in the moonlight. In the old time it was opened to the moon and lots of people might have passed through it. It will make you feel fantastic, sitting all alone on the ruins, which seems to be breathing still.

On her way home, she was fascinated by the beautiful setting-sun and drew up the boat on the shore. Hearing waves sloshing about in the bottom of the boat, she feels happy to think tomorrow will be lovely day for her. The warm and calm sea reflects an ever-changing color of the sky. The crescent moon at the age of 2 days is appearing above in the sky, which will be filled with countless stars in the course of time.

They are enjoying picnic today on an inhabited small island inside a lagoon. There is full of light around the ruins where they moored the boat. It is high time of the gradation between the sea and the sky. Terns came flying joyfully with the ocean breeze. Tasty bread,fruits and cool drinks are ready on the boat. What are they going to do after taking a pleasant lunch with the birds?

The sea within atoll is very calm. Floating with her ears on and in the water, She can hear dolphins chatting and even fish and corals breathing. The sea here, with countless lives in it, goes as far as the opposite side of the planet. She loves to float in tranquility, feeling something identical with all lives on the whole planet.

The surface of the moon commands a splendid view of the earth. The grand globe, with the dazzling blue light glaring, stays perfectly still in the sky of the moon. Explorers, who are traveling from faraway stars, look at the sacred planet expecting their exciting explore for the final destination. Immigrants, who had lived on the earth before, look at the mother planet reflecting their happy old days from the land of revolution. It's our greatest joy to see our home planet. Let's bless the planet of our hearts.

Prism Island
In the calm inlet, there comes a gate on the heights in sight. The gate was named Rainbow Gate, it is said,about thousand years ago. It still deserves the name just as the sight is seen as before. Travelers say, having come through the Gate to the earth, a curve of bright colors is so impressive as to be a reminder of whole their travel on the planet. She is going to prepare flowers to welcome travelers coming here this evening, which may be as colorful as the rainbow and as impressive as its prism. All travelers love such an impression of the colors. This is probably why the Gate is popular among them.

You can only hear a boat floating on the water, waves lapping to the iceberg and whales chirping in the sea. Under the boat in the transparent water, reflecting the light of aurora, The ruins look as close as if they were within reach. The couple, having traveled from far Pleiades, come to explore Flower Hill Palace which may be,they hear, at the bottom around here. Stopping rowing,they take a short rest to look up at the splendid curtain of light. They may be talking about their travelling far beyond the aurora.

Everlasting Song
There are slight ripples of ice over the lake,where she has taken her boat. Glows of aurora are creations of the harmony between the sun and the earth. You can see them to hear the silent song of the universe. Now calm, now wild. Now quiet, now loud. It has been lasting since the oldest days. She plays melodies reading the music above in the sky. Every harmony carries its own melody and verse. You can neither see nor hear the same melody again. Nevertheless, the song lasts forever.

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Заклинания и молитвы работают только у тех, кто живет лицензионную версию жизни...
КрасЯво, блин...

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Я боюсь представить сколько времени уходит на одну такую картину. но прорисовано все досконально и профессионально.


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